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Lydon George, Owner and Head Brewer of Bay Chai

Update 8/11/15 After 5 years of brewing and bottling Bay Chai to provide cafes and restaurants with the best pre-made chai in the Bay Area, we have decided to focus our efforts on a dry, loose leaf chai blend. Many of our loyal, associated businesses are still serving Bay Chai, which tastes better than ever as each cafe is now brewing fresh chai daily. We will continue to offer our signature spice blend to cafes who have the means to brew chai on location, and will also expand into direct retail very soon! If you are a business who is interested in serving Bay Chai using our signature spice blend, please contact us for a free sample!

A few words from Owner Lydon George:

“I hate writing about myself! But here goes… My Dad was born and raised in Madras (Chennai), India and made his way to California in his early 20’s. Food is a huge part of Indian culture, and one of the few cultural traits that survived his assimilation into the US/Western way of life. My upbringing infused the smell of curry in my clothes, stained my fingers a turmeric, neon yellow, and had me making chai for my Dad as he rushed to work every night. I’ve certainly drank my share of chai over the years.

In 2009, I tried a chai by the name of ‘Parisa’ and was nothing short of amazed. The flavor was just so unique, I mean, never had I tasted chai like this!  This flavorful drink always sat in the back of my mind as I contemplated alternatives to the less than fulfilling, full-time credit union job I held at the time. In 2010, I finally decided to jump in the deep-end: quit the “good” job in the worst job environment in recent history in hopes of carving my own path. I thought, ‘I gotta represent who I am, where I’m from (kind of).’

By chance, really, I was informed by a coffee loving friend of the opportunity to take ownership of the business producing this delicious chai. I immediately started working with the previous owner and, not too long after, took over as the “big cheese”! In working with the chai over the next few months and really learning the many nuances of tea brewing, I found ways to enhance the flavor and really make it my own. I changed the name to “Bay Chai”  to reflect its new identity and to better convey its roots in the Bay Area, San Francisco specifically, and to let people know that this signature flavor is exclusive to the region that we live in, work in and love.

I think that’s probably enough background. I hope you all enjoy the chai!”

Lydon George