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Don’t Mean Mug…

Travel mug! …carry one around with you, that is. For all you commuters and regular cafe patrons who regularly grab a cup of hot tea/coffee to go, you should definitely use a travel mug when you can. Not only do they do their job very well (this one from Oxo keeps my chai hot for […]

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I’d like to start this entry by, again, thanking everyone who has supported us over the last year, from the chai drinkers themselves to the cafes who serve our chai to everyone involved in the production of Bay Chai. We look forward to continue to serve THE BEST CHAI, period. It’s a […]

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Bay Love

Looong delivery day today due to traffic. 4 hours turned into 8. Silver lining of it, more time to absorb the beautiful Bay Area scenery, from the rolling hills and farmland of Point Reyes/Petaluma, to the vibrant vineyards of Napa, to the entire Bay at twilight, clear skies, San Francisco illuminated and, appropriately, glowing orange […]

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Recycling… Is It Good Thing, or Bad Thing? An In Depth Review

Sarcasm^^ But really… We here at Bay Chai are big on sustainability. From composting of waste to reusing all of our bottles, we think it is important for many reasons. The resources we utilize in our daily lives, such as water, gas, paper, and electricity are vastly abundant, yet, ultimately, finite in amount. However, much […]

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To me, chai is only chai with milk, and when it comes to milk there’s no shortage of options out there. I’ve tried a whole lot of them: soy, rice, almond, coconut… but I invariably return to the stuff made by all those happy California cows! (Or at least that’s the CA Milk Advisory Board […]

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Bai Chay

I was visiting a friend and his family on Christmas when we started talking about my chai. “Bay Chai, isn’t that a place in Vietnam?”, their brother in law asks me. Hmmm, I had never heard of such a place, but thought it would be interesting to check out. I was a few websites into […]

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For my monumental, ground-breaking first blog entry….. I would like to humbly give thanks to all the people who have made Bay Chai what it is thus far: All you Bay Chai drinkers out there! All the café/restaurant owners that have supported Bay Chai. My family and friends for their unending support and insider trade […]

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