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3 Images: 1. organic local farm. 2. Bottles are washed and reused. 3. Labels are composted along with left over tea ingredients
At Bay Chai, we are dedicated to responsible, sustainable, eco-friendly business practices. We strive to be a viable alternative to large economies of scale that create many, modern social and environmental ills, including unsafe/unhealthy foods, pollution, disparities in wage distribution, global warming, natural resource depletion, etc.

These are the steps we take:

  • Every batch of Bay Chai is brewed with 100% organic ingredients, fair trade and local when available, never with preservatives, to ensure the quality and safety of our tea and adequate wages for farmers.
  • Our chai is bottled in recyclable glass bottles that we rigorously wash, sanitize, and reuse in an effort to more efficiently utilize our resources and reduce waste.
  • All tea waste is composted (including the old labels!), helping to reduce waste and replenish the earth’s soil.
  • Bay Chai is brewed in San Francisco and delivered locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, upholding high standards of freshness and helping to reduce fuel emissions from delivery.

Learn More

If you are interesting in more information regarding these issues and the solutions taking place, here are a few helpful websites:

www.localharvest.org – A directory of farmer’s markets and local, sustainable food throughout the US.

www.energybulletin.net – A site full of articles, information, and resources regarding the global energy peak and energy alternatives.

www.rodale.com – Lifestyle website from the publishers of Men’s (and Women’s) Health that focuses on local, organic food and healthy lifestyles.

www.americanprogress.org/issues/economy/globalecon – This website covers the many issues created by a global economy and discusses the US’ role as a leader to more justly shape policy for all involved.

www.organicfoodee.com – An online magazine dedicated to everything organic and delicious.

www.lacocinasf.org – An organization dedicated to assisting local food entrepreneurs develop their business through a unique incubation program, emphasizing community and small scale business practices.