Making fresh Bay Chai in New Delhi, India

“I’m from the Bay Area, I’m Indian,  and I like chai. So that’s where this all came from. When I was a kid, I thought my Dad was a crazy person for adding milk to his tea. - Lydon George, Head Chai Guy


In India, chai is sold and drank just about everywhere, from street corners to offices, trains to temples. It is such a normal part of daily life that no one gives it too much thought. But chai, like every aspect of Indian culture, has a complex history. It is the product of colonization and cultural perseverance, varying by region and tradition, its comfort and simplicity refined and united harmoniously over time.

At Bay Chai, we celebrate where we're from, and where we're at. "Our chai blends are rooted in the flavors and ingredients of authentic Indian chai, meant to pay homage to and represent these very important places in my life.”


We began in 2010, brewing our signature Bay Chai professionally, providing the highest quality, brewed chai for cafes all over the Bay Area. Today, we are dedicated to offering the most flavorful, inspired, high quality loose-leaf chai blends you can find anywhere. 

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